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Hey, remember when this was a thing a couple weeks ago and I never got round to it until now? I remember. Shoutout to Canajun and amis-amai who tagged Hiro, so he gets double the amount of facts for his big fat ego, and also to Twisted-Bat for J... but WHICH J.... WHICH UNIVERSE HEHEHHEHEE. Just so you know, these facts can be both from the group or from their original universes.

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

Jared Wong Jun Wei

  1. He exists in so many universes I've lost count. Like... oh my god he's in all the AUs and it's the best thank u lord for letting me use this scrub everywhere.
  2. He's my character for a tabletop campaign set in a steampunk type airship fighty universe with a bunch of scrubs.
  3. In Sybal Heim, J is very different from every other universe version of Jared in that he is the asshole and not his father...
  4. He went through a rebellious teenage phase because of the strictness of his childhood and thus he felt that by rebelling he could finally taste freedom.
  5. He has an addictive personality and can very quickly latch onto material or physical reliefs to his problems. To him, these reliefs are a chance for him to take control in his life. 
  6. Has a tendency to overwork himself to escape his problems. He also forgets to feed himself when he's working.
  7. Sybal Heim J is different from regular Jared in the fact that he's incredibly lax, probably because of his lack of an engineering background and parental guidance. However, stick him in a library an he would read for days on end if you forgot to pick him up. He is an avid self-learner and when he can he will learn ALL THE THINGS. It's how he learnt alchemy after all.
  8. Jared both loves, hates, envies, and pities his older brother Jason. It's a love hate relationship. They're not on speaking terms in any universe.
  9. BONUS BONUS BONUS - Jared, in one universe, is a teen dad to lil Julie in a story where he struggles his darndest to be a good dad while dealing with his own problems.

Takahiro Tochihara

  1. His full name, phonetically, mirrors itself: Takahiro Tochihara, A A I O, O I A A. 
  2. Hiro was the main character of a play called Hiroic, which was shown both in London and one time in Edinburgh. Who'd have ever thought Hiro would end up on the gosh diddly darn stage, huh? I'm still in shock myself. Hiro you idiot.
  3. Suffers from Bipolar disorder. His manic episodes are how he landed himself in prison twice. He also has a biiiiit of a kleptomania problem. I won't lie, you should probably check your drawers to make sure you have everything.
  4. In his original comic universe, he is incredibly self aware and knows that he is indeed a fictional character. 
  5. Hiro's favourite weapon is the balisong (butterfly knife) mostly because he likes to do crazy tricks with them.
  6. He's a non-committal person but ends up in a committed relationship with his BF Evan Martin in the future. They're both pretty lax when it comes down to relationships but they do have a deep care for each other.
  7. If he hasn't told everyone already, he has two kids, Anise and Damian, whom he loves dearly. They are biologically Evan's kids, begotten from two different women, but Evan loves kids and was like don't worry I'll take care of them....... I'll care for these babus...............
  8. Hiro's dad actually died of lung cancer when he was young, right after his parents divorced. Hiro actually ran away because he was never close to his mother. He doesn't talk about this, but he will make a frowny face if you joke about lung cancer >:c 
  9. While he was never academically smart, he actually has a very good spatial memory and thus is very good with learning, memorising, and giving directions. If his driving license wasn't revoked permanently, he would've made a really good taxi driver.
  10. Hiro does miss having actual arms and leggies. He would love to remember what it was like to feel things with his hands and to touch things and hold things. He's used to the lack of feeling but at the same time he misses it.
  11. Even though he's a big flirt and super thirsty, he's actually very gentle and likes gentleness and cuddles a lot uvu <3
  12. Hiro's last name is taken from Brian Tochi, the guy who voiced my fave villain in Statick Shock, Shiv.
  13. Hiro and his partner merged their last names together because they couldn't decide what to give their kids. They are legally called Anise Machi and Damian Machi.
  14. Hiro and Evan are still friends with the mothers of their kids. They hang out sometimes. Have I mentioned how stupidly relaxed these two are? Seriously
  15. He has a big soft spot for cute things like dogs, babies, cats, animals, just anything cute. Show him a barrel of kittens and he might die of excitement. Put them kitties on his face pls
  16. He also can't spell. Please don't make him do a spelling test it's horrendous.
I'd tag people but the ship has sailed umu


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